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Meet The Faces of Hunger


Here in Sacramento County, an estimated 245,000 residents go hungry at some point each month. Who are these people? How did they find themselves in such a situation? What are we doing to address this staggering community-wide problem?


To find out, we went to the places people grappling with food insecurity go: our region’s food banks and community clinics. Nearly fifty people shared their stories of coping with hunger. These storytellers are students in your schools and seniors in your community. They are your neighbors, your co-workers, your friends. Their experiences reveal the interrelated issues of transportation, housing, unemployment, health and stigma. They show us a hidden landscape of hunger.


Hidden Hunger: Storybooth is part of Capital Public Radio’s multimedia documentary series, The View From Here (TVFH). The series raises the voices of everyday people responding to change in their lives and the challenges of our times.  Community engagement is at the heart of the TVFH, as we work to collaboratively to discover, understand, and give voice to community needs, values, and aspirations. For more information contact jesikah maria ross.


To learn how Hidden Hunger: Storybooth sparked community conversations across Sacramento County watch Hunger in the Farm-to-Fork Capital or visit the Events page.



Community Engagement


Hidden Hunger: Storybooth aims to raise awareness about food insecurity and the interwoven issues that result in hunger here at home.  The project created content for and with the partner organizations in order to engage the wider public in exploring local issues and creative solutions. Our community partners are:










Project Advisors


The project brought together a Coordinating Council to inform public radio productions and develop story-based community activities.  Council members include:


Davida Douglas, Alchemist CDC

Dawn Dunlap, Sacramento Natural Food Coop

Cynthia Foltz, Health Education Council

Zoey Goore, MD, American Academy of Pediatrics

Kevin Jenkins, St. Marks Church

Erik Kintzel, Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services

Robyn Krock, Sacramento Region Food Systems Collaborative

Alan Lange, Community Link 

Mary Meagher, California Emergency Foodlink 

Todd McPherson, Sacramento Chinese Community Service Center

Randy Stannard, Grow Sacramento

Amber Stott, Food Literacy Center

Eileen Thomas, River City Food Bank

Oscar Velasco, Health Education Council



Special Thanks To


The brave, generous community members who shared their stories of hardship on this site.


Participating food banks and clinics:

Elk Grove Food Bank 

Community Cares Health 

River City Food Bank

Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services 


Food bank and clinic liaisons: Margie Erwin, Marie Jachino, Lauren Razzano, Kelly Siefkin, Renee West


The schools, government agencies, and community-based organizations who participated in stakeholder convenings to share their ground level knowledge about hunger in Sacramento.


The Coordinating Council members who gave so much of their time to help create this community engagement effort.





Producer/Director             jesikah maria ross

Associate Producer           Kate Gonzales

Photography                      Andrew Nixon

Audio Editing                     Paul Conley and jesikah maria ross

Audio Engineering            Paul Conley

Storybooth Recordists     Lester Robancho, Joanne Serrieh, and

                                             Vince Schwede

Technology Consultant    Marnette Federis

Design Consultant            Brianne Leymaster, BELdesign




Hidden Hunger: Storybooth is part of Capital Public Radio’s

multimedia documentary series, The View From Here.






Question or comments?  Contact jesikah maria ross.

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