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Bart Wilson & Tina Hash


"You only get $160 in food stamps and $160 doesn’t go that far when you’re trying to feed a family."

Bart Wilson & Tina HashStorybooth

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Bart: My name is Bart Wilson and I’m here because of the food bank. This is also my church that I go to, so this is how I found the food bank.


Tina: My name’s Tina, and I love the way we get fresh vegetables and fruit now and recipes. I have a whole little set of my recipe cards. It helps. It’s a blessing.


Bart: Especially at a time like this. I just got cut off of GA, so now we have no cash coming in and it’s like you only get $160 food stamps and $160 doesn’t go that far when you’re trying to feed three people in the family. My mother also lives with me. So, it’s hard.


Tina: The biggest thing is transportation, though, because we were grateful for the food stamps that we get but if we don’t have transportation to get to a big store to be able to shop then you have to spend your money at these little stores and it just eats . . .


Bart: Yeah, $50 a whop.


Tina: So, we’re trying to get some type of consistency going, you know, to try to keep it the right way. Hunger is an awful feeling, you know? And this food bank, and it’s our church, so it all works . . . it makes us feel better, you know, that we’re not going to be hungry because we’re going to have this food.


Bart: You know, we used to be homeless. We used to be on the streets. And it does make a difference when people, you know . . . two cans of this or two cans of that or a box of macaroni, and you know, that little bit can go a long ways to somebody that don’t have nothing. For me, it’s bad because sometimes I can’t provide for my family. You know what I mean? So, then that becomes an emotional thing.


Tina: Yeah, I feel that way too. I’ve been looking for a job for two years now and I haven’t been able to find one. One thing that’s helped us a lot, and by the grace of God we just did it, is come to church. We came to church. And ever since we’ve been coming to church, we get blessings every day. And not just blessings in our hands, but in our heart. And once you start feeling positive in your heart, good things happen and you want to do good things for yourself and you come out of yourself. I don’t know, that’s just what we did. That’s our secret.



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