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Dan Lawrence


My name is Dan Lawrence. I come here as a donor, and we’ve helped with different organizations that I’m with, the Rotary club and Optimist club to help do the cabinets and some of the other things inside, do some painting when they moved to this location.


The need is ever-growing out there, and it’s gone from a small community where the churches were handling all the needs of the community to where now we have over 150,000 people in Elk Grove and the need has expanded beyond that, which is why the food bank is so important.


You always used to think that someone who uses a food bank would be a homeless person, but it’s no longer a homeless person, it’s the underemployed and a whole variety of people out there that come. So, I think that’s the ever-changing face of who the needy are.


With the recession and other things that have happened, credit – the use of credit that people have – a lot of people are living from paycheck-to-paycheck. So if something happens that interrupts that paycheck-to-paycheck, there is a need there to make ends meet and to feed the family. Part of my catch phrase for Rotary was make a difference, you know, because I think that’s so important to make a difference in people’s lives.



"It’s no longer the homeless person, it’s the underemployed that come. That’s the every changing face of who the needy are."

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