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Kwateca Riviore


My name is Kwateca Riviore. I use the food bank when I need it. You know, they give you canned goods, fresh vegetables, fruit. You know, and that stuff is expensive. It makes me sad, because I could easily go to McDonald’s and probably get a meal for my kid for five bucks, but is it healthy? What are the effects he’s going to have digesting that type of food all the time? So I really need this food bank towards the end of the month when I’m running low. I can come here and then go home and prepare my kids a nice, healthy meal.


I do work, but you know, my utility bill this month is $300. My job, I only get paid $10 an hour. I have a family that consists of six people, so you know, it’s hard. A lot of things are expensive. When you come here, you feed your belly. You can feed your brain with books. You know, they have different resources as far as jobs. You know, low-cost, medical. It’s a food bank, but you get so much more than just a meal. You get hope.


When I came here, I was stressed out, you know? When I leave here, my problems, they don’t disappear, but I feel like I can make it through. You know? So, when I get paid on my next paycheck, I don’t have to worry about is me and my kids going to go hungry? You know, am I going to be able to make it? Are they going to have a healthy meal? When I come here, that need is met, so I appreciate it a lot.

"I could easily go to McDonald's and probably get a meal for my kid for $5. But is it healthy?"

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