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Quinn La


My name is Quinn La and I’m a nutrition intern from UC Davis contracted through the Internship and Career Center to Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services. Hunger is always going to be an issue, but I feel like having a food bank and giving people ten days’ worth of food is helpful. Maybe help people figure out how to spend their money in a smart way? Like I buy eggs a lot, because I can buy 24 eggs for like only $3 to $4 which is a good way to spend my money as well as teach people about food stamps. If you have a job and you don’t make a lot of money, you can get $300 worth of food stamps which is a lot of money towards groceries. So, yeah, there are a lot of programs out there. I just feel like we need to tell people more, like make them more aware.


It’s important to other people because they need this food to live, and a lot of people don’t have access to vegetables and fruits because most of them spend their money on proteins and carbohydrates which is good for them to get full but they don’t see spending money on like fruits and vegetables as a priority. And now that we can give it to them, they have access to it.


I heard a couple years ago it used to be only like canned goods and chips but now we have a lot of fruits and vegetables as well as eggs and meats and juices and things. That’s really diverse.


Even though my job is mostly about giving nutrition advice, not a lot of people come here for the nutrition advice because I think people think that they know more, or that they don’t need to know anymore. So, my job usually boils down to just talking to people, asking them about their day. People just need to vent sometimes, and that’s cool with me. I like helping people. I always liked volunteering in high school. There are so many clubs in college that it’s difficult to pick one, especially one that just does all the charity work, so it’s nice just to be an intern and help people out and it just feels good to help people.





"I just feel like we need to tell more people, make them more aware.”

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