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Vanessa Payne


My name is Vanessa Payne. I came to the food bank because my bills were more than what I receive for SSI and I’m low on food so I need food and I come here once a month. I’m a veteran.  I went when I was 18. I went to Alabama, my first duty station, and I did my basic AIT there. Then, I went to Germany. I was only 19. Then, from there, I went to Louisiana. Then I did my research in Sacramento, then I got pregnant so I ended that. I’m trying to get my disability right now because I was a 54 Echo Chemical Specialist, so my body is breaking down and I’m disabled. I’m only 52. I don’t talk to too many people because I get angry fast and they don’t understand what I’ve been through, so it’s best that I not say too much to them. I’m just being patient, and when my day comes, my day comes.





“I'm a veteran. People don’t understand what I’ve been through.”

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