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My name is Aryan. I came here to get this fresh food and vegetables because I newly came to the US within a couple of months. I have no job and income, yet. It’s a great benefit and advantage, to get the advantage of this food bank. So, I’m a student in ESL classes as well as my wife in the morning session, and in the afternoon I’m coming again in the food bank for GED classes. So, about the full day I am busy getting studied, and it’s not easy to get and find a job here as our English language is a little bit weak. So, still me and my wife, both are studying and upgrading our language and skill and still we have a plan to go ahead for the college next year to make ourselves suitable for the future job and activities.


To some extent, I did speak English in my country. I was working in different kinds of NGOs. I was working with the USAID Afghanistan and the contract management. But, here I’m taking two times a day the ESL and GED classes every day. Those people that don’t have a job or they have low income, to support these kinds of people to get a better and healthy life, I think it’s the first responsibility of the government to help and support the people. People should understand and know what the food bank and family service is doing for the people. To know about this kind of help and support, people will increase the number and more people will come and get the advantage of this support of the food bank.

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Aryan Rahimi


“I was working with the USAID in Afghanistan. But here I’m taking two times a day the ESL and GED classes.”

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