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Kevin Sexton


My name is Kevin Sexton. I came to the food bank because the money that I get from SSI, $900 a month, doesn’t help because you’ve got your bills and everything else. I’m a diabetic. There are some things I need to get, vegetables, fruits, and stuff like that. And when it comes to food at the food prices, they run pretty high right now, especially because of the drought. So, basically that’s why I have to come into all these lines.


I come when I have the means to get down this far. I live in the south area and this is the downtown area, so that’s another thing. It costs money to even get down here, either gas or by way of light rail or bus. That’s one of the things that hinders me to get around is the travel, traveling.


Once a month, that’s all you’re allowed to come here is once a month, and see, that’s it. So that’s one of the reasons why you have to do what I call food bank hopping. So, you have to hop to one food bank, one food bank, one food bank to survive through the month. So, that becomes the problem. I have to go from one spot to another spot, across town, whatever way I can get to wherever I can get to to get something to eat.

"Food prices run pretty high right now, especially because of the drought. That’s why I have to come." 

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