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Lonnie Lee


My name is Lonnie and I came today to receive food to help my family, and I really appreciate the help. It’s really nice. You know, I might’ve been coming to this one maybe a year. It might’ve been a year. Off and on, though. I miss some Tuesdays, you know, but it may have been about a year. It really helps families. Actually, it teaches them a lot, to eat right, you know? Healthy. A lot of vegetables, a lot of fruit. Over here on the sign, they have stuff you can go learn how to get help on gardening and all kinds of education. They have all kinds of nice stuff here. You know, so it ain’t just food. If you need other help in other programs, they’ll direct you where you need to go.


I think people don’t come to food lockers because they’re embarrassed. Just from my own family, I have had siblings who actually needed help. I said “Hey, you ought to go to the food locker with me because that’s what they’re here for.” But for whatever reason, I think it’s just embarrassed. You know, they’re used to having a high standard, but the food here is high-quality. It’s really good, so you’re not really lacking in anything that you would buy at a grocery store. So, it’s really too bad that they don’t want to come.


That’s something that parents try not to let the young ones know, that they’re low on food. Sometimes, you won’t eat but you’ll feed your family just to make the ends meet. But with stuff like this out here, it’s really, people really shouldn’t have a reason not to eat if they would just go to the food locker, because they’re here to help. It’s really nice.



"I think people don't come to food lockers because they're embarrassed.”

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