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Timothy Hansen


"Around here there are so many people that are homeless.  They don't have a good source of fresh food. I'd would like to see a whole corner lot to have a vegetable garden."

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My name is Timothy Hansen. Well, I’m here because I want to share my love of gardening. I think it’s serenity to work in the soil. I really, truly do. I know a lot of people, if they had a chance to do it, and they had an idea, they would really enjoy it.


Wow, around here, there are just so many people either homeless or in the middle of being homeless. There’s people who don’t get very much money, so their cost-of-living puts it pretty much where they don’t have transportation. If they don’t have transportation, they don’t have a good source of food, you know? Fresh food or just normal food. You know, it’s pretty bad.


I was saying one day I wish we could have a whole corner lot somewhere to have a big vegetable garden. While there are community gardens around here, I just wish . . . and I’m sure some people who are doing those are feeding the poor, because normally you get a lot more than you use yourself, but it’d be a nice place for the people who don’t have enough food, that they can go there and create that for themselves and others too.

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